Stay a step ahead

Our dual bowl configuration allows you to produce with one dripper sort while another stands ready in anticipation of the next product change.

Speed and simplicity

The consolidated frame lets you make set-up adjustments quickly in just a few simple steps. The operation of switching to a waiting bowl filled with new drippers takes less than half an hour. It is especially simple when changing to drippers of a similar size (e.g. going from non-compensated to compensated). More important dripper differences may require additional adjustments, but they remain quite simple with a second consolidated bowl. Changing the insertion tool and adjustments are easy thanks to preset positions and graduated scales built into the fixed frame.

Consistency counts

The compact design of the dual-bowl keeps the line footprint to a minimum. The width of the line with a dual-bowl is identical to that of a single one. Quality settings are consistent and repeatable. Insertion start-ups and stops are fail-safe, which translates to low scrap when doing the change.

The dual-bowl concept is available as an option on all micro-drip irrigation lines for flat drippers, from /Enter to ///Explore, with thin or heavy wall product.

Ernst Geider
Technical Sales Director, Micro-Drip Irrigation Solutions