Meridian Cable ( has expanded its American facility to design and manufacture coil cords.

“For years, we’ve only made custom coil cords at our factory in Northern China, but we now have the equipment to manufacture custom designs in Florida,” confirms company president, Bud Kinzalow. “The winding equipment is used to form the coil cord shape, which is the second step in making a custom coil cord. The Florida facility also has the heat-treating equipment to properly temper a coil cord, which is the third step in the process. This new equipment makes it possible for us to make coil cords from custom extruded cable, or from cable we have in stock.”

Meridian has designed custom cables and coil cords used by industry leaders in the Healthcare, Military and Telecom industires. The company’s efficiency is due to an in-house design team and two technology-focused manufacturing plants – one they fully own in China, and their other one in Florida (

“Our factory in Northern China has the ability to extrude small, medium or large runs of cable, so we can self-source the cable. If the cable is less custom, we may have existing stock we can use,” says Kinzalow of how the two locations work together to quickly provide for their clients’ needs.

“Recently, we helped an existing customer for whom we make a coil cord assembly. For years, we’ve made the assemblies at our facility in China, but they wanted a shorter lead-time and were okay with using American labor to make the assembly. So, we worked with the customer and set up a stocking arrangement which means the raw material to make the coil cord assembly is in stock in Florida. This way, they can place smaller orders more often and still have the product delivered quickly.”

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About Meridian Cable

Meridian Cable Assemblies manufactures custom cable assemblies, coil cords, wire harnesses and supplies custom designs for the medical, military, telecom and controls industries. Whether you need standard, custom or combination products, our design team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Our U.S. owned and managed company designs, manufacturers and delivers on a dime without cutting corners, all while reducing your costs by an average 25% compared to our competitors.