Engineers wanting to trace underground cable routes, acoustically pinpoint cable faults and locate sheath faults, now need only one set of equipment – the latest Ferrolux system from Megger, market leader in portable electrical test equipment. Compact and easy to use, the Ferrolux Rx receiver at the heart of the system has a large colour display that provides a clear overview of all relevant information whether it is being used for cable tracing or fault location.

To trace cable routes, users energise the cable with an FLG-series audio frequency signal generator. They can then locate and trace the route using the receiver in conjunction with a Ferrolux IFS inductive sensor. Novel technology ensures that the receiver always displays information that is unambiguous and helpful, including the direction of signal flow in the cable.

For acoustically pinpointing flashovers, users replace the inductive sensor with a digiPHONE+ surge wave receiver. This has excellent acoustic characteristics, including effective background noise reduction. And for cable sheath fault location, users substitute earth probes for the sensors. The Ferrolux Rx receiver detects the type of sensor or probe connected and automatically configures itself to suit.

“Underground cable operators often find it challenging to determine accurate cable routes,” said Marco Stephan of Megger. “This is a particular problem when building or other work involving excavation is to be carried out in the vicinity. Locating faults on underground cables is equally challenging, and delay to repairs often means high consequential costs. The Ferrolux system gives users a convenient all-in-one solution for cable tracing and fault finding, which will quickly repay its modest cost.”

The Ferrolux Rx receiver is supplied as standard with the Ferrolux IFS tracing sensor, while the digiPHONE+ surge wave receiver and earth probes are options that are available separately or as part of the Ferrolux MLE fault-finding kit. The kit also includes headphones, connecting cables and other accessories.


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