At wire India 2022, Maillefer continues on its path toward digitalisation of manufacturing. We continuously push the boundaries of what is possible and develop our extrusion technology to new heights. Join us to discover how the past three years’ progress and development are changing our industry. You will, as always, be greeted with innovation, exciting technology, and smart solutions.

We proudly show our latest low voltage technology solutions and introduce our local manufacturing facility serving the Indian market with components made in India.

You will also learn about our CV line solutions and technologies for power cables (MV, HV & EHV). A high-speed secondary coating line OEL40 will be presented for fibre optic cable producers. You will also experience several demos and get to see cable samples.

For further details and more novelties, come and see how we connect the digital and physical production worlds in booth F141.

Image source: Courtesy of Maillefer

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