Maillefer has added a Longitudinal Tape Applicator unit into its product portfolio recently. With this unit, customers have the means to apply a radial water blocking feature for various cable types. Water blocking barriers are usually aluminium, copper or plastic based water swellable tapes. The longitudinal tape is applied during the same process as final sheath.

Smooth and even tape forming

The unit supports single or dual pay-offs with a maximum tape pad weight of 1000 kg. The maximum tape thickness is 0.3 mm and the widest tape width is 600 mm. The inner diameter for the tape pads can vary between 150-300 mm while the outer diameter maximum is 940mm.

The crucial part in this process is ensuring smooth and even tape forming around the cable, and a uniform stress free surface at various production speeds. With our folding tools, the process runs smoothly as the tape forms firmly around the cable.

Forming tools come in three sizes

Maillefer offers various Folding Tool options depending on your requirements. For the smallest cables, we offer the versions S and F, as specified below. The S and F tools are made of steel and are compatible with the Quicklock quick mounting fastener. They are available in versions for both line directions.

For the wider and heavier tapes we offer the Extra Strong option. Customers have the choice in tool sizes for cable core diameters of 5 to 180 mm. Also made of steel, it has two mounting options, either frame or table mounted. They are available in versions for both line directions.

The folding tools for the Longitudinal Tape Applicator are offered through Maillefer Services. Get the proper tape fitting results that you require to ensure proper water blocking for your cables.

Maillefer-Tape folding sizes-p15