An extrusion process involves various factors to minimise environmental impact and resource consumption. Maillefer favours exchanges that focus on maximising efficiency.

Sustainability occupies an ever growing priority placed on our offering. The efforts made are also proving beneficial in terms of lowered production costs for customers. Indeed, an extrusion process involves various factors to minimise environmental impact and resource consumption. The factors are several. The task is to identify the ones to address first.

Five notable factors

Material consumption is one key element. It is about scrap management and limiting overuse. Generating less waste strengthens one’s image in the public eye and affords a more competitive place in the market. Sustainability becomes a fundamental part of an investment strategy that brings benefits. We encourage producers to engage in eco-friendly practices and use of environmentally responsible materials throughout the manufacturing process.

Energy consumption is considered by optimising the extrusion equipment to be energy efficient. Regularly maintained and upgraded machinery works to minimise energy consumption. Maillefer offers upgrades, service audits, and process surveys to assist customers in meeting those targets.

Optimised material usage addresses waste reduction. Maillefer extruders are stable and precise. They run production at minimum tolerances while ensuring product quality, performance, and material savings.

In terms of water conservation, the cooling required during cable production plays an important role. Having a closed-loop cooling circuit that filters, refreshes, and reuses the process water will help reduce overall consumption. Fresh water only enters the system to compensate for losses (e.g., evaporation). Plus, the cooling system helps act as a buffer against pressure variations and favours process stability.

Optimising the process is another factor. The extrusion process needs to be continuously analysed and optimised for maximum efficiency. There are advanced technologies and automation available to help improve precision and reduce material waste. But the right tools must be combined with the right know-how.

Combined with know-how

Maillefer’s R&D centre serves as an exchange with customers around common projects that focus on maximising efficiency. Our collaboration efforts are extended to material suppliers, with whom we identify sustainable materials and ideal processing conditions. Plus employee training puts forward best practices for energy efficiency and waste reduction. Finally, to customers attentive in regularly assessing and improving existing capacity, Maillefer offers a large palette of upgrades, service audits and process surveys that help improve overall production efficiency.

Image source: Courtesy of Maillefer

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