New in fiber optic cable production – PM 265 Pay-off

This is a new model fiber optic pay-off, sized for 50 km reels and equipped with features like the PM 305 model. Get ready for noticeably shorter set-up times.

This high-speed motor driven fiber pay-off is designed for a wide variety of fiber optic secondary coating lines. The six reel position frames can combine into several configurations to handle a total of up to 24 fibers. The PM 265 controls fiber tension accurately with pneumatic dancers. By default the reels are behind doors. This improves operator safety at high speed lines.

A quick set-up feature shortens set-up times by 70% when splitting the fiber count. The pay-offs operate on either the upper or the lower section at any one time. While one section is running the other section is in preparation for the next run.


  • Compact frame layout for a reduced machine footprint
  • Precise pay-off tension for accurate EFL control at high speeds
  • Similar features and performance as the PM 305 model
  • Quick set-up feature for improved OEE
  • Accepts standard 50 km fiber reels.

Image source: Courtesy of Maillefer

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