New in EHV cable production – Synchronized X-ray scan at cold end /// Explore

Two X-ray gauges are used in CV lines to measure thicknesses, concentricity and diameter during production of MV, HV and EHV cables. Now, the second gauge at the cold end (after end seal) is orientable to give a synchronized visual of measurements taken by the first gauge at the hot end.

Samples no longer need to be cut out of quality insulated cable, especially from long lengths on drums or turntables. Both the delay as well as final conductor movement are calculated. Consequently, the novel rotating X-ray system enables the adjustment of XLPE cable concentricity and layer thicknesses to be completed on the extrusion group level.


  • Comprehensive viewing of measurements
  • Manual and automatic rotational control
  • Possible continuous control and monitoring
  • Reduce need to take samples from quality core.

Jorma Leppänen

Technology Wire & Cable

Image source: Copyright Maillefer

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