At IWCS 2016 this October Maillefer presented new limits for ultra-high speed buffering. The global demand for optical fiber cables is increasing in an ever growing rate. During the past 10 years the average yearly global growth has been 17 % and it is projected to keep increasing. At the same time the market has seen very tight competition between the margins. The key to this problem is in increasing the efficiency of cable manufacturing lines.

Product Engineer Juha Kotala was present at the show and commented: “It is great to meet customers and hear that they are facing challenges to reach the production capacity which is needed nowadays”.

R&D Director Dr. Mikko Lahti continues, “We have been studying buffering process for years. Still today we can explore new things when running the line close to 1000 m/min. Both on material and on process side we have gathered exiting knowledge which can lead to even better cable quality at ultra-high speed buffering”.

The gentlemen agree that it is really beneficial to change ideas and experiences with fellow colleagues every year. And that the show gives a perfect opportunity for further networking during the evening events. Both hope to meet everyone again next year.
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