Maillefer strengthens its support and presence in India by introducing local manufacturing and supply of brand name technology destined to low voltage wire & cable manufacturers within the region.

The Indian subcontinent is a long term seen as one of the fastest-growing wire & cable markets in the world. Maillefer has a long history of presence, supporting the growth of this market, and we are today serving our customers in the region through our Maillefer office and team in Mumbai. 

Maillefer is happy and enthusiastic to announce its latest investment, strengthening this support and presence. Maillefer introduces local manufacturing and local supply of Maillefer India technology for the low voltage market. It now combines Maillefer’s expertise with local Indian manufacturing and resources.

This local supply, testing capability, and service/support will bring the Maillefer brand and leading technology close to all building wire, low voltage cable, and automotive wire producers in India and the region.

Maillefer is also happy and proud to announce a new addition to the Maillefer India team: Mr. Reddy SP/Herlin Products and Services Pvt Ltd will be our key contact in the region for low voltage solutions. You can reach Mr. Reddy directly at +91 9515788679 or by e-mail reddy.sp@herlin.

Image source: Courtesy of Maillefer

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