Counting 30-strong, the Maillefer team welcomes wire & cable professionals to Interwire in Atlanta on stand 1241 from October 26 to 27, 2021. Benefit from the combined presence of Maillefer, Davis-Standard and exclusive partners at this key North American venue dedicated to the Wire & Cable industry. There is much to catch up on, from innovative components to the most recent developments in smart manufacturing, which mixes both the virtual and the physical world.

On the component side, there is an MXC 120 mm extruder for Low-voltage applications, an ECH 12/20 crosshead, Round and Topography Scanner technologies for Catenary and Vertical Continuous Vulcanisation, and the new compact fibre pay-off PM 265 to mention a few exhibits visible on the stand.

Meanwhile, Smart Monitoring, Smart Buffering, Industry 4.0 bring forth a working mix of hardware, virtual reality and artificial intelligence into a progressive manufacturing environment. We will be providing a VR experience into a fibre cable factory with a secondary coating line that features Smart technology. Its AI-augmented package is designed to identify and predict process anomalies before they get out of hand.

Since the last edition of Interwire, much has transpired in our business. The manufacturing environment has changed. New tools are available. The expectations for modern infrastructure, environmentally friendly solutions, and manufacturing efficiency are driving us towards uncharted territories that hold much promise. Join us this fall at Interwire 2021 on stand 1241. We look forward to welcoming you, in-person, at this key wire & cable event.

Image source: Courtesy of Maillefer

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