How would you define competitiveness? For us it means increasing the lifetime value of your technology in different production and market circumstances. We do it by empowering people, production and productivity – by equipping you with the right competency.

With us, you do not need to be fixed within the limits of your current business whether considering different product types, production capacities, or application areas. Instead, you can stay ahead of competition and meet new demands of your market.

We systematically develop our component offerings and bring new production value packages to your doorstep. Our R&D Center, with the world’s sole vertical pilot line is available for customer trials and joint process development.

To better answer the diverse needs of wire and cable manufacturers worldwide, our portfolio is organized in three different solution levels − /Enter, //Extend and ///Explore. These solutions vary in capacity, cost, automation, flexibility, product range, space requirements and maintenance needs.

There is a perfect match for each market situation – you can find the winning solution in low-end as well as in high-end categories in almost 20 wire, cable, pipe and tube applications. Our W&C production solutions are available for building and automotive wires, dry or jelly filled fiber optic cables, low, medium, high and extra high voltage cables, rubber cables, telecom, LAN, and coaxial cables.

We also deliver versatile services support, from 24/7 problem solving, and spare parts to continuous preventive maintenance and performance reviews according to your lifecycle needs.

Maillefer Consultation is a new service entity that is built around the wire and cable production process. It exploits our core knowledge into individual advice and process skill improvements of wire and cable manufacturers.

Value Packages are add-on modules to your current production lines. You can boost your line performance, productivity and quality with pre-optimized solutions that are easy to adopt with minimized production stoppage.

Please visit our booth 603 to hear further details about our solutions, products and services on display which include among others the Fiber Optic Cable Secondary Coating Line OEL 40///Explore, Medium Voltage CCV Line EPL 30/Enter, and the new High Voltage CCV Line EPL 50/Enter.