Maillefer introduced the high speed Fiber Optic Cable Secondary Coating Line OEL 40///Explore already a couple of years ago. The line has been a great success ever since. We have been able to offer our customers not only higher productivity but also improved cable quality. With our fine-tuned process it is possible to run loose tube at unparalleled speeds.

Maillefer’s Fiber Optic Cable Secondary Coating Line OEL 40 comes in three different solution levels based on needs in capacity, material variation and budget – always with premium quality. All choices have a compact layout for an easy fit in your production environment.

OEL 40/Enter: If you consider starting fiber optic cable manufacturing, OEL 40/Enter is a quality choice that is in the range of start-up investment plans.

OEL 40//Extend: If you are interested in a high-speed, flexible secondary coating line, OEL 40//Extend is a lean and proven solution for you.

OEL 40///Explore: If you prefer ultra-high speed production with the ability to use a variety of materials including PP and PBT, you should choose OEL 40///Explore.

We also provide technologies for every stage of the fiber optic cable process. The portfolio includes tight buffering, secondary coating, SZ stranding and jacketing lines for production ranging from long haul cables to FTTx with low fiber counts and short lengths.

R&D Director Dr. Mikko Lahti welcomes you to our booth 304 to discuss high performance and cost effective manufacturing solutions for fiber optic cables. “IWCS is an important venue for the cable and connectivity industry and we are very proud to join the Suppliers’ Exhibition” says Dr.Lahti.