How would you define competitiveness? For us it means increasing the lifetime value of your technology in different production and market circumstances. We do it by empowering people, production and productivity – by equipping you with the right competency.

To better answer the diverse needs of wire and cable manufacturers worldwide, our portfolio is organized in three different solution levels − /Enter, //Extend and ///Explore. These solutions vary in capacity, cost, automation, flexibility, product range, space requirements and maintenance needs.

Do you need a qualified concept to realize a complete factory with the lowest risk and cost? Let us introduce a new way to seize your business opportunities in both existing and new market segments − the new Maillefer Factory System.

Get to know the 30 know-how products − Maillefer Consultation with which you can maximize the value of your technology, access the best practices and improve your process based on your needs.

Hear more about our new Round Value Package Premium and how it guarantees utmost roundness in high voltage cable production. See also how the new Cable Roundness Meter CRM 180 works which enables a totally new method for reliable and error free measurement of cable core roundness and concentricity of medium, high and extra high voltage cable cores.

Please visit our booth to hear further details about our solutions, products and services on display which include among others the Quick Conductor Splicing QCS, FO Cable Secondary Coating Line OEL 40, MV CCV Line EPL 30, and HV CCV Line EPL 50.
Through the 24/7 Help Request, Service Support Desk, Spare Parts delivery and on-site Technical Visits, our broad range of services ensures that your production achieves the best possible performance levels.

More information:
Maillefer Extrusion Oy (HQ)
Sales and manufacturing facility – W&C Solutions 
Ensimmäinen savu, P.O. Box 170
FI-01511 Vantaa, Finland

Mr. Veikko Nieminen, Director, Sales & Marketing, Wire & Cable Business Line
Phone: +358 440 124003