In the first quarter of 2019 Madem BRAZIL, SPAIN and BAHRAIN conducted a customer satisfaction survey with 179 cable customers in 45 countries.

Madem polled the following services: claim response, quantities shipped X received, documentation, deliveries, quality inspections, performance, and packing.

BAHRAIN 99% satisfaction: Madem Gulf BAHRAIN concluded the 2018 customer satisfaction survey with 38 Wire & Cable manufacturing customers in 17 countries, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and African countries. Madem Gulf received 92% feedback responses. 99% of responses falling into good and very good categories. 

“Achieving 99% customer satisfaction after a continuous 6-year 100% rating have definitely given us an opportunity to deeply evaluate and review our quality at all levels of our process and close any gaps identified. We are confident that our quality policy and focus, which is deeply rooted at all levels of our process, would definitely enable us to reclaim our target of 100% customer satisfaction.” Said Adel Abdulla Mohammed Janahi, General Manager.

“Madem Gulf Industries strives a high quality standard at all levels of our operations for meeting our customer’s quality requirements and expectations. The excellency levels have been demonstrate though the marks achieved consistently in our customer feedback surveys. The dedication and efforts of our team are determinants for maintaining such results.”  said Cristian Outerial Operations Manager.

BRAZIL 98% satisfaction: Madem BRAZIL concluded the survey with 107 Wire & Cable manufacturing customers in 16 countries.Madem received 50 (47%) responses from customers. 98% of responses falling into good and very good categories. “We are again pleased with the results of the survey, a very good improvement from 2017 and we will continue to work towards 100% customer satisfaction for all our global customers”, said Leandro Mazzoccato, Global Director of Sales and Marketing.

SPAIN 89% satisfaction: EuroMadem Spain conducted a customer satisfaction survey with 34 Wire & Cable manufacturing customers in 14 countries. 

EuroMadem received 8 responses (24%) from customers, 89% of responses falling into good categories. “We are very proud of our customers feedback and pleased with the results of the survey, we will continue to increase customer satisfaction trying to improve our quality and service through the continuous implementation of new technologies to make easy to our customers and business.”, said Roger Santasusana General Manager.

The next customer satisfaction survey will be conducted in Jan 2020.

Madem Group with headquarters in Brazil is the leading nailed wooden reels producer in the world. Madem Group has forests, sawmill and manufacturing plants in Brazil, Spain , Bahrain, USA , Mexico and Colombia* (*opening June 2019) with more than 400 employees and produces more than 400 containers/trucks of knock down reels per month.

Today the Madem name represents over 70 years of industry experience. The Madem team constantly strives to build trust and confidence by offering customers a superior quality product.