HARTING has expanded its har-speed range of industrial connectors with an X-coded M12 panel feed-through that is supplied complete with a length of cable allowing it to be integrated directly into Gigabit Ethernet systems.

The new feed-through arrives at the customer fully assembled and ready to install, and can be put into operation immediately. The user benefits from significant time saving in the installation process, and does not have to worry about the connection of individual cables and connectors.

The cable supplied with the panel feed-through is available in various lengths, allowing for flexible installation to meet the available space and application requirements. It is suitable for both front and rear wall mounting, and is compatible with HARTING’s innovative M12 PushPull locking system. This allows plugging and unplugging of the connector in a matter of seconds, thus saving additional time in assembly.

The panel feed-through is designed to conform with IEC Standard 61076-2-109. It fulfils Cat.6A as well as Performance Class EA and thus corresponds with the current Gigabit Ethernet requirements for speed and bandwidth. The robustness and vibration resistance of the M12 panel feed-through also makes it suitable it for railway applications.