LS C&S has released an ultra-slim 10 Gbps (CAT.6A) LAN cable targetting IDC, finance, and semiconductor factory sectors and expanding in the US market.

The external diameter of the cable is 6 mm, which makes it the thinnest LAN cable in the world, approximately 20% thinner than other widely used products, which have an average diameter of 7.2 mm.

With this new product, the number of LAN cables installed in the hundreds inside building walls and ceilings can be increased by more than 20%, which will also increase the data transmission capacity.

LS C&S is concentrating its marketing efforts on locations with mass data usage, such as data centres (IDC), banks, securities companies, semiconductor factories, smart buildings, etc.

In addition, LS C&S is planning to expand its presence in the US market, which accounts for more than 40% of the global LAN cable market. The US market is growing as big tech companies invest in cloud, metaverse, and big data technologies while increasing plant construction.

LS C&S Communication Business Department Head Dong-wook Lee stated, “There is fierce competition between the industry’s leading companies to reduce cable size and increase the amount of data transmission.” He added, “With the launch of this new high-value-added product, we are planning to make even greater efforts to expand our presence in the US market, which has traditionally accounted for a significant proportion of our sales.”

LS C&S has recently enhanced its communication business by securing optical fibre cable source technology and acquiring a stake in the submarine optical cable construction company KT Submarine.

Image source: Courtesy of LS C&S

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