LS Cable & System is making moves secure source technologies for multicore optical fibres used in 5G and 6G communication. 

LS Cable & System has entered into an MOU with the Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) to cooperate on next-generation optical communication technology. 

Starting with the multicore optical fibre development, LS Cable & System and KOPTI plan to expand optical communication technology and personnel exchanges. Multicore optical fibres are next-generation products capable of groundbreaking increases in data transmission volume compared to existing single-core optical fibres. 

Optical fibres with the thickness of a human hair are used as the core wires for optical cables. Currently, single-core fibres are used. Using multicore fibres can achieve revolutionary increases in communication speed as data transmission capacity expands in proportion to the number of cores. 

“The development of multicore optical fibres involves a high level of technical difficulty that only a few companies in Europe and Japan have succeeded in overcoming,” said LS Cable & System Head of Technology Development Division and CTO In-ho Lee. “We will dominate the next-generation communication cable market by securing source technologies and participating in technology standardisation.” 

LS Cable & System forecasts that the demand for communication cables capable of large-scale data transmission will increase rapidly as the establishment of high-speed communication infrastructure expands globally. Accordingly, the company is expanding its related business by acquiring the shares of KT Submarine, an underwater optical cable installation specialist. 

Image source: Courtesy of LS C&S

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