LS Cable & System has launched PoE (power over ethernet) cables for 5G. These cables will provide the fastest communication speed in the world. 

LS Cable & System expects its new product (Simplewide™ 2.0) to replace the high-cost optical fibre cables used in multi-channel cameras, high-quality CCTVs, etc.

PoE allows a single cable to transmit both data and power simultaneously. Simplewide™ 2.0 provides a communication speed of 5 Gbps and power of 100 W over a maximum distance of 180 m. The previous best performance output was 1 Gbps and 30 W over a distance of 200 m.

The 5G communication speed allows IP cameras, CCTVs, and IoT to stream high-quality videos and backup data.

In addition, Simplewide™ 2.0 features an increased wattage of 100 W, which is the world’s highest wattage, allowing the operation of high-performance CCTVs equipped with motion sensors, etc. 

A company spokesperson stated, “The installation cost can be reduced by 40–50% compared to optical fibre cables, and you no longer need to install power cables or outlets… Demand for our new product is increasing for subways, parks, schools, sports stadiums, and smart buildings.”

Image source: Courtesy of LS C&S

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