LS Cable & System has developed a new copper foil material and begun its commercial launch as the company expands into the rare-earth element business of LS Eco Energy and eco-friendly material business.

LS Cable & System announced on December 20 that the company has developed a new copper foil material, CuFlakeTM. This is the world’s first case of commercialising copper fragments instead of copper wire to be used as raw materials for copper foil.

CuFlakeTM reduces the raw material processing time during the copper foil manufacturing process, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost significantly.

A company spokesperson stated: “We have recently finished sample testing with copper foil manufacturers… We are expecting a commercial launch by next year, if things move along quickly, and annual sales over 100 billion won.”

Copper wire is manufactured through a four to five-step process to remove and wash out impurities from scraps (metal chips). Then, the scraps are dissolved to remove any remaining impurities and manufactured into fragment form for CuFlakeTM. These fragments can then be used immediately in copper foil manufacturing.

Also, unlike copper wire, which requires the highest-grade scraps, even lower-grade scraps can be used for CuFlakeTM so that this material would resolve the demand issue with scraps.

The company spokesperson stated: “After researching copper and aluminium, which are used as key raw materials for cables, for the past 60 years, LS Cable & System has the world’s best metal processing technology…We are planning to expand our eco-friendly material business for copper foil materials, rare-earth elements, aluminium parts for EVs, etc.”

Image source: Courtesy of LS Cable & System

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