On October 16, LS C&S entered into an ‘MOU for a technical tie-up in offshore wind power projects’ with Korea Electrical Safety Corporation.

The two companies will cooperate to standardize inspection prior use of offshore wind farms and secure the safety standards for submarine cables.

“According to the Green New Deal policy, offshore wind power generation is expected to be invigorated, but Korea does not yet have any rules on the use and safety of submarine cables,” said Kim Hyeong-won, head of the LS C&S (Executive Director) Energy Business Division. “Relevant regulations for a reliable supply of power need to be rapidly established.”

Extra-high-voltage submarine cable is a technology-intensive product of the cable industry and can only be manufactured by five companies around the world, including LS C&S. LS C&S emerged as a major company just 10 years after its advance into the market that was dominated by European and Japanese companies in 2008.

The company said, “With regard to financial investment to cope with the climate crisis and overcome COVID-19 both at home and abroad, the scale of investment in the offshore wind power project is growing and schedules are being accelerated”.

LS C&S has reinforced its partnership with related organizations, such as last month’s signing of an MOU with Korea National Oil Corporation to initiate floating wind power projects, and is putting spurs to development of new products, such as floating submarine cables.

Source: https://www.lscns.com/
Image source: Courtesy of LS C&S

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