LS Cable & System has completed its second communication plant in LSCI in India enabling it to double its communication component production capacity.

LS C&S is planning to develop LSCI into a major base for mass production of communication harnesses to respond not only to the explosive growth of the Indian market but also to target other major markets including Europe and North America.

The communication harness is a cable component that connects mobile communication base stations and antennas to the system.

LS C&S is supplying its products to major companies in India such as Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc. through Samsung Electronics and Erickson, and accounts for about 20% of the Indian market.

“Global communication equipment manufacturers like Erickson and Nokia are fostering global sourcing bases in India,” said Park Hyeon-ho, head of LSCI. “We are going to secure quality and expand the market by digitalizing the quality control system.”

“India has close to 1.2 billion mobile subscribers, and is just waiting for commercialization of 5G,” said a company official. “As global carriers announced their plans to invest tens of trillions of Korean Won, we expect that the communication equipment market will grow rapidly.”

LS C&S established LSCI on a lot covering about 162,000m² (about 49,000 pyeong) in Bawal, Haryana in the Northern part of India in 2008, and is now supplying power and communication cables and components.

Image source: LS C&S

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