The automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt expands its cable portfolio of low-loss SILFLEX® motor and frequency converter cables.

The new LÜTZE SILFLEX® M XLPE 3 (C) PVC 0,6/1 kV motor and frequency converter cables allow highly efficient power transfer thanks to optimised XLPE insulation with low capacity values. The benefit for the customer: much longer cable paths can now be planned. The improved temperature resistance of 90° C allows a high power load on the cable. The shielded LÜTZE frequency converter lines also offer above-average active and passive EMC interference resistance in compliance with EN55011. LÜTZE has ensured the sustainability of the new motor and frequency converter cables by means of conformity with the RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU. The LÜTZE SILFLEX® frequency converter cables with a three-part ground conductor are suitable for use as flexible motor cables without priority control in the mechanical and plant engineering sector, in transport and conveyor equipment, and for heating and air conditioning equipment. The cables are available in eleven models from 3×1.5 mm2 to 3×95 mm2.

LÜTZE uses a special XLPE wire insulation for the SILFLEX® motor and frequency converter cables. As an insulation material, XLPE offers a very low capacitance and excellent electrical properties, as well as a high dielectric strength. The black outer sheath is made of a special silicon-free, flame-resistant and self-extinguishing PVC and is more or less completely resistant to acid and alkaline. The aluminium-laminated foiled shield has an optical cover in excess of 85%.

LÜTZE – economic efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand

The new SILFLEX® motor and frequency converter cables by LÜTZE represents a consistent development of its efficiency improvement in automation technology initiative. As part of LÜTZE’s sustainability program, SkyBLUE, synergies resulting from the solutions and know-how from various technology fields within the LÜTZE group, e.g. the control cabinet or automation technology, are linked. The goal is to raise the performance of all LÜTZE customers by means of sustainable products and solutions. Characters: 2319 incl. spaces