Light Brigade, a leading training and education company, is offering three new training opportunities beginning mid-April.

High-speed Fiber Optic Systems Training DVD – this educational DVD is updated with material covering Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Optical Amplifiers. Additionally, it is reorganized to address high speed system topics. This DVD also includes information on advanced modulation techniques, coherent detection, forward error corrections, transmission systems, WDM systems and more. Available April 15.

Amp Mobile Learning Tool – Getting useful and easy-to-access technical information in the hands of fiber optic technicians is now possible with Amp. When a field technician needs refresher information on how to handle something in the field, Amp will provide instructions and information at their fingertips. The Amp pilot program is now available and the final product will be available June 1.

Spanish Bilingual Fiber Optic Training Class – Light Brigade is offering its first Spanish/English bilingual fiber optic training class in Puerto Rico, May 3-6.

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