Light Brigade, AFL’s training and education division, is partnering with Fiber Insight to offer design and engineering customers two new course options—Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) and Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer (CFCE).

CONA is an intermediate level course where students will learn what is required for proper system design and how performance can be affected by the fiber infrastructure.

CFCE is a five-day advanced course focused on mastering the tests required to verify if network infrastructures can support future, high data rate applications.

“Teaming up with Fiber Insight allows us to bring two rigorous five-day technical courses to our customers this year,” said Lee Kellett, general manager of Light Brigade. “With the growth in higher speed networks, there is great need for these types of courses. The CFCE and CONA courses are licensed by OTT in the UK and are very well-respected around the world.”

The first CONA course is scheduled at Light Brigade’s Seattle training center in February and the next CFCE class will be at the Lowell, MA facility in April. The classes are open and anyone can register to attend.

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