It all started with assembly of a hand switch cable. Business Unit Healthcare, part of Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, currently supplies primarily cable harnesses for various Ziehm Imaging C-arms – and is involved as early as the devices’ development phase. Ziehm Imaging has now commended the system supplier as ‘Partner of the Year’ for the first time.

It is a stated objective of Ziehm Imaging’s development work to be a technology leader in mobile x-ray imaging. The manufacturer of medical C-arm x-ray devices since 2006 continues to repeatedly set benchmarks particularly in flat-detector technology.

More than five years ago, Leoni won its first contract from Ziehm Imaging to assemble hand switch cables. Collaboration between the two companies has since then been gradually expanded. Leoni now supplies tailor-made hybrid cables with optional strain relief and ready-to-install cable systems for various Ziehm Imaging mobile C-arms, such as the Vision and 8000 product family. In so doing, Leoni engineers support their customer as early as the devices’ development phase.

Ziehm Imaging has commended its cable system supplier as ‘Partner of the Year’ for the first time, basing this on the criteria of quality, adherence to delivery schedules and collaboration in 2016. Thomas Schultze, Vice President, Operations at Ziehm Imaging: “As a technological leader in the field of medical devices, our aspiration is also to set standards in terms of safety and quality. Our customers throughout the world trust us in this respect. Without dependable partners like Leoni and their technology transfer within our value-creation partnership it would be virtually impossible to retain customers as we now do. With many thanks for this commitment and this support, we look forward to continued, successful collaboration.”

Leoni staff members accepted the commendation in a ceremony held at Ziehm Imaging’s head office in Nuremberg on 22 July 2016.