Data cables with an oil and drilling fluid resistant jacket for heavy demands in shipbuilding – presentation at the sps ipc drives show

Nuremberg/Friesoythe – Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has widened its product range and now offers SeaLine® shipbuilding cables that withstand the heavy demands at sea. These cables are furthermore, depending on the jacket material, especially resistant to oil or drilling fluid in accordance with NEK 606. The cables are available with or without steel wire armouring or braid as options.

The demands on cables on the high seas are especially severe because they not only have to withstand the influence of wind and weather, but must also not present any danger in the event of a fire. At the sps ipc drives the leading fair for the electric automation trade, Leoni will for the first time present in hall 6, booth 455 a comprehensive range of CAT 6 and CAT 7 cable products for shipbuilding and offshore applications. All cables have a halogen-fee and flame retardant FRNC outer jacket, which boasts extreme flame retardance and low smoke emission.  This means that the materials reduce the threat of poisoning   because the smoke emitted does not corrode the airways and routes to the emergency exits remain identifiable. They must furthermore pass the IEC 60332-3-22 test for flame spread of bunched wires or cable. The cables are constructed pursuant to the requirements of IEC 60092-350 and are tested according to the parameters set by classification societies.

In addition to the standard SHF1 and SHF2 cable jacket compounds, the cables can be given an oil and drilling fluid-resistant jacket. Cables that meet the strict, Norwegian NEK 606 standard have an outer jacket made of an FRNC compound and are resistance to drilling fluid. Applications for these cables include drilling rigs, oil refining ships, offshore wind power plants and specialist oil tankers.

Resistance to drilling fluid pursuant to NEK 606 is tested on an oil basis and on a calcium bromide brine (water) basis. The test duration in this case is 56 days at an immersion temperature of 70°C and thus verifies the resistance to highly aggressive drilling fluid, which in offshore applications would otherwise lead to repeated failures.

An oil-resistant type SHF2 jacket was developed for deployment near ship engines, for example.  A special FRNC outer jacket that is especially resistant to aggressive oils is used in this case as well. Oil resistance is tested in accordance with IEC 60811-404 (100°C 24h). Cables with an SHF-1 jacket do not come into constant contact with water and oils and their oil resistance is therefore limited.  In total, Leoni has more than 72 CAT 6 and CAT 7 cables with oil and drilling fluid-resistant jackets.

All 4-pair shipbuilding data cables are fitted with a braided shield of tinned copper wires and are capable of transfer rates up to 600 MHz in accordance with IEC 61156-5/6. The cables are furthermore available in various cross-section sizes (22-26 AWG). Another special feature involves the cables’ multiple listing. This defines that certain cable types can also be given customer-specific markings or customer-specific jacket colours. In such cases, the original approval is also transferred to the business partner so that a further certification process is not required.

The aforementioned jacket materials are available for all cable types. Leoni also already has a wide range of bus and motion control cables with an SHF-1, SHF-2 and NEK 606 outer jacket.