KOGIA, which will lead the development of the domestic offshore wind power/power system industry, has been launched.

KOGIA announced that it held its founding ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel on the 15th. About 20 major power equipment companies, including LS Cable & System, Doosan Enerbility, Hyosung Heavy Industries, LS Electric, and KT Submarine, attended as member companies.

The event was also attended by about 100 officials, including Koo Bon-kyu, the first chairman of KOGIA, Moo-gyeong Han, a member of the National Assembly’s Trade, Industry, Energy, SMEs and Startups Committee, Yeong-gil Cheon, director of the Energy Industry Office of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Tae-ok Kim, vice president of the Korea Electric Power Corporation.

KOGIA plans to protect the domestic equipment and materials industry in relation to the offshore power grid and support the stable growth of small and medium-sized parts makers.

The ultimate goal is to establish a virtuous cycle where an increase in domestic equipment companies leads to new jobs, which propels the growth and protection of the domestic equipment and materials industry.

In line with this, the realisation of carbon neutrality through offshore wind power, the innovation of offshore power grid construction and the strengthening of the competitiveness of domestic offshore power grid companies were chosen as key tasks.

“The launch of KOGIA will be a milestone in the development of the domestic offshore wind power and power system industry in the era of energy transformation,” said Chairman Bon-kyu Koo in his commemorative address. “Through the successful construction of the offshore power grid, we will contribute to the realisation of carbon neutrality and the development of the national economy and strive to nurture the domestic power industry and equipment companies.”

KOGIA plans to hold meetings, forums, and seminars for active policy proposals in the future. In addition, it has decided to actively cooperate with government service projects such as the investigation of the power system business and the training of offshore power grid experts.

“The domestic solar market is experiencing difficulties to the extent that domestic companies have closed their businesses due to low-price attacks by foreign companies,” said a KOGIA official. “We will strive to develop the new and renewable energy market and protect the ecosystem.”

Source: https://www.lscns.com/
Image source: Courtesy of LS C&S

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