LAPP has received the coveted certification for the CC-Link IE standard for ETHERLINE®. CCLink is an internationally recognised standard for sensor/actuator networks. It was developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and subsequently published as an “open” network. CC-Link is the leading protocol in Asia in particular. CC-Link is very widely used as a standard, especially in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

“The Asian market is very important for LAPP. That’s why we also need to offer certified products,” said Georg Stawowy, Member of the Board for Technology and Innovation at LAPP.

Certification took place in Ratingen at the certification body of the CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association). The world market leader for integrated solutions in the field of cable and connection technology has been a member of CLPA for many years now and has also had certified cables for the fieldbus version of CC-Link in their product range for a long time. With Press release the certified cables for CC-Link IE, LAPP is now supporting the industrial Ethernet-based CCLink IE variants.

“With its certification work, CLPA contributes to the problem-free interplay of components in a CC-Link system. The advantage for customers: When using certified products, they do not have to worry about the compatibility of the components. That’s why we decided to have our cables certified at CLPA,” said Ralf Moebus, Head of Product Management Automation at U.I. Lapp GmbH.

In the first step, eight ETHERLINE cables were certified: These are: ETHERLINE H CAT.5e, ETHERLINE P CAT.5e, ETHERLINE H-H CAT.5e, ETHERLINE H FLEX CAT.5e, ETHERLINE P Flex CAT.5e, ETHERLINE Y Flex CAT.5e, ETHERLINE FD P CAT.6 and ETHERLINE FD P CAT5e. All cables are equipped with four pairs of wires and are suitable for different applications thanks to a wide selection of outer sheath materials. These include cables with mechanicallyresilient PVC outer sheaths, halogen-free FRNC outer sheaths and robust PUR outer sheaths. They are cables for fixed installation, occasional flexing, or for highly dynamic applications such as e.g. in cable chains. “All certified cables can transmit large volumes of data and have the necessary robustness for continuous use in machines and systems in the manufacturing industry,” said Christian Illenseer from Industrial Communication Product Management at U.I. Lapp GmbH.

For the future, LAPP is planning the certification of other products for CC-Link IE.

Image source: Courtesy of LAPP

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