See igus experts in action as they unveil new products and show how motion plastics can reduce costs and improve technical performance in the automotive industry.

The igus Automotive Show, on Tuesday, September 22, is being live-streamed from the company’s news studio in Cologne. Experts from igus, which has its UK headquarters in Northampton, will unveil some of the company’s latest solutions for trucks and commercial vehicles. These will include new 3D-printed solutions for prototype development, sealed igubal double joints and the telescopic rail, which is made completely of plastic.

Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director, igus UK, said: “Join us, there is no cost, at our automotive show and take a look behind the scenes. Find out how silent brake pedals, adjustable monitors and long-lasting tail lifts are designed using motion plastics from igus and see how high-performance polymers are developed, tested and produced.”

igus plain bearinglinear guidescables, and energy chains, all made from plastics, reduce a vehicle’s weight and therefore CO2 emissions. They are also low-maintenance, lubrication-free and wear-resistant.

You can find out much more at the igus automotive show. Delegates can also arrange online appointments – in the days and weeks after the show – to see the new igus commercial vehicle products and to discuss special applications for vehicles.

Register for the show here The show starts at 3pm (when you register, click on the 4pm slot – this is German time, so it will be 3pm in the UK).

Picture caption, PM5120-1: In the live show on 22 September, igus experts will show how new motion plastics products used in commercial vehicles improve technical performance and lower costs.

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