Tell our readers more about LLFlex?

LLFlex is a global leader in laminated and coated products designed specifically for packaging and Industrial applications.   

You recently opened a new manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Can you tell our readers more about this venture?    

The new facility will be an extension of the LLFlex in Louisville but with the opportunity to provide more innovative solutions in laminations, spooling, slitting and packaging. This facility will offer warehouse and quick delivery to strategic customers for tobacco and wire and cable in NC and SC region.

LLFlex new North Carolina Manufacturing Facility
LLFlex North Carolina Facility

What are the main growth markets for LLFlex?   

Packaging and Speciality products will be able to grow significantly with new and highly efficient laminating and coating lines. Wire and Cable is positioned for extensive growth utilizing two new slitters and unique packaging methods.

How are your products used within the wire and cable industry?    

Reyshield™ products are used in armouring and shielding of various type of cables, including fiber optic, power, submarine, transportation, nuclear power, and aerospace.


What sets LLFlex apart from the competition?  

Quality, sustainability and service.    

LLFlex has been a primary supplier for many years to both tobacco laminates and wire and cable products. Since 2008, LLFlex has been the only US manufacturer in North America supplying heavy gauge cable wraps and tapes.  

How has LLFlex responded to the recent market challenges?    

We have adapted to the challenges and are growing. We will continue to add new products and capabilities to ensure we can provide service to our markets.

What can our readers expect from LLFlex in 2020?  

Our new NC facility will be hiring in NC to make sure we can supply what is needed to our essential business partners and customers both domestically and globally. LLFlex is always open to servicing new customers. We can make custom solutions for your business and will be a great partner.

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