InnoVites B.V. announces that Ramcro Special Cables (Ramcro) has gone live with InnoVites CableERP after an intensive 6 month implementation period. Ramcro worked with InnoVites as their IT partner to implement CableBuilder and CableERP. These innovative and industry-specific software solutions allow Ramcro to achieve its strategic goals.

InnoVites B.V. announces that Ramcro Special Cables (Ramcro) has completed the implementation of InnoVites CableERP and CableBuilder. After a record-breaking implementation period of 6 months, Ramcro has started utilizing these innovative, industry-specific software solutions. 

InnoVites CableERP, based on Microsoft Dynamics, enhances the business processes at Ramcro in all business areas, including sales, planning, production, purchasing and warehousing. With the implementation of CableBuilder in engineering, high-quality product data is sent to CableERP through standard integration. InnoVites also provided the integration to Ramcro’s MES system, to collect and process information from the factory immediately in CableERP.

Mr. Croci, CEO at Ramcro Special Cables, comments:

“The implementation of CableERP and CableBuilder is a strategic decision for Ramcro. We want to utilise the latest innovations in IT to enhance our business performance. The InnoVites solutions have been designed for our industry, allowing us a short implementation period. The InnoVites team understands our business, which helped to configure the solution to our needs. InnoVites’ commitment to the success of the project was instrumental in achieving the challenging goals of this project. We consider our partnership with InnoVites as a strategic enabler for continuous business improvements.”

Albert Groothedde, CEO at InnoVites, adds:

“We appreciate the trust of Ramcro in InnoVites and our software solutions for the cable industry. We celebrate the joint achievement of implementing CableERP and CableBuilder in this short period and we look forward to a long-term partnership with Ramcro, leveraging IT innovations to improve their business performance.”

InnoVites is partner of Cimteq, the owner of the CableBuilder software.

Image source: Courtesy of InnoVites

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