InnoVites B.V. announces that Incab LLC went live with CableBuilder, 2 months after starting the implementation period. Incab and InnoVites worked closely together in the implementation project and were able to complete the project in budget, scope and time. Incab will use CableBuilder to achieve their strategic objectives and increase sales by creating designs and quotes faster. At the same time, the product data quality will increase while improving the output of their engineering team.

InnoVites B.V. has announced that Incab LLC is now using CableBuilder after a successful 2-month implementation project.

The Incab team and the InnoVites consultant worked closely together in this project and were able to achieve the complete scope of the project, within time and budget.

Incab decided to implement CableBuilder to achieve its strategic goals. CableBuilder will enhance the processes in engineering, speeding up the creation of designs, technical datasheets, and quotations, eliminating the risk of human errors. The high-quality product data is sent to ERP through the standard InnoVites integration module.

The implementation of CableBuilder allows Incab to standardize and improve the product documentation, resulting in a better customer experience.

Mr. Vladislav Artamonov, Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Incab LLC, comments: “The implementation of CableBuilder is the cornerstone of our digital transformation process. CableBuilder helps us to centralize product data in the company at a high quality and complete consistency. It’s the single source of product data that is utilised across the company. The use of CableBuilder helps us to accelerate the design and engineering processes and increase the quality of our product data. The InnoVites team was instrumental in the smooth and fast implementation. Their team has a thorough understanding of the industry which helped us to make informed decisions in the implementation and keep within the project’s scope, budget and time.”

Albert Groothedde, CEO at InnoVites, adds: “It is a pleasure working with the professional team of Incab. Their commitment to the project allowed us to execute it in an efficient way. We are proud to deliver another project observing the key objectives in terms of its scope, implementation, and budget. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Incab.”

InnoVites is a partner of Cimteq, the owner of the CableBuilder software.

Image source: Courtesy of InnoVites

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