InnoVites always strives to help our clients take control of their operations. As such, the company is proud to share that 3 subsidiaries of Hexatronic have integrated InnoVites CableERP into their daily operations in 2022. Hexatronic is a leading and fast-growing Swedish conglomerate in the fibre optic network solutions space.

Value addition to daily operations 

Oscar Karlsson, CIO at Hexatronic, recognises how seamlessly CableERP fits into their business, stating: “CableERP adds length management in D365 like it was part of the standard ERP. It is now part of our daily business and gives us great help in controlling our cables and ducts.”

As industry experts, InnoVites continues to provide the best possible solutions to its customers. The functionality in CableERP creates value for our customers by addressing the specific business issues of the industry.

Optimised control over cables and ducts 

With CableERP’s sophisticated handling of length items and custom-cut cables, Hexatronic is experiencing enhanced control over its operations. This has allowed them to manage their stock better, optimising material usage and improving delivery times. 

InnoVites’ consulting excellence  

The InnoVites consultancy team contributed to a smooth transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CableERP. Together with the Hexatronic project team and partners, the InnoVites consultants were instrumental in the seamless implementation of the software. Furthermore, InnoVites provided intensive post-implementation support, a logical part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Oscar Karlsson shared his customer experience: “I can highly recommend InnoVites and their consultants; they offer solid support and are very eager to help.”

InnoVites is gratified to contribute to the success of Hexatronic with CableERP, which is currently rolled out to other Hexatronic plants and looks forward to fostering its partnership in the future and continuing to create value as a trusted business partner for Hexatronic.

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Image source: Courtesy of InnoVites

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