iiM AG, a leading provider of measurement technology solutions in the field of cable insulation geometry measurement with its brands VisioCablePro® and VisioTubePro®, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest measurement software, VELOX.

VELOX has been developed to meet the complex requirements of the industry and offers a wide range of powerful features that greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of cable and tube testing. The measurement software from iiM AG is characterised by state-of-the-art image processing algorithms that enable precise and reliable measurement of all common insulation geometries in the market. In addition, with the option to expand the software with custom programs, it is also possible to easily measure the geometric features of hose and pipe products. The clear and easily understandable presentation of over 50 measurable features makes it easy for the user to create test plans quickly and accurately.

The essence of VELOX lies in its smart, self-explanatory operation, which enables an exceptionally intuitive user experience. The modern design and touch-optimised interface complete the package and provide a great user experience. Users can quickly familiarise themselves with the software and efficiently perform measurements without the need for extensive training beforehand. To ensure that VELOX measurements consistently meet the most up-to-date industry standards, the software seamlessly incorporates the latest norms (including IEC 60811-201, -202, 203; LV112; ICEA S-94-649, among others) and fulfils the specific requirements of the cable industry.

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VELOX start view with inserted cable sample (left) and geometry selection (right)
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VELOX result view with measured cable sample (left) and list of results (right)

Introducing the new Custom-Plan concept allows users to create customised test plans with nominal and tolerance values tailored to each specific article. This flexible feature offers the perfect solution to meet the complex requirements of the industry, allowing users to adjust their measurements accordingly. In addition, VELOX includes a built-in database interface, eliminating the need for additional software (compared to the previous FMC3 software). This integration significantly streamlines workflows and ensures effective data management.

“With VELOX, we are setting a new standard in cable measurement technology and expanding our reach into new markets such as hoses and pipes. Our focus is clearly on user-friendliness, functionality, and advanced image processing,” says Fabian Henkel, Product Manager at iiM AG. “During the development process, we closely aligned with the needs and demands of our customers, and we are excited that VELOX will contribute to enhancing the efficiency of our customers’ quality control.”

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