igus has developed its first plastic-steel hybrid energy chain for extending applications, such as cherry pickers, telehandlers and boom lifts. Compared to conventional steel energy chains, which are sometimes used in these applications, the new YE.42 e-chain is 50% lighter. It also provides up to 10m unsupported travel, which is 50% more than for plastic energy chains.

The hybrid solution has particularly high rigidity and is easy to install and maintain thanks to its modular design. The links of the YE.42 are easy to assemble without using screws, rivets or bolts – a clear advantage over steel energy chains, which may loosen under vibration. The hinged crossbars enable cables and hoses to be installed and replaced quickly.

For the interior of the energy chain, igus offers a wide range of interior separators that protects cables and hoses. The YE.42 energy chain is also available as a pre-assembled readychain system with chainflex cables and connectors and hoses and fittings.

To watch the video, which introduces the YE hybrid e-chains, please follow this link: www.igus.co.uk/YEchain

For more information about the new YE hybrid e-chain, please visit: www.igus.co.uk/YE.42echain or call igus directly on: 01604 677240

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