igus has introduced chainflex CAT5e (CFBUS.LB.045) and CAT6 (CFBUS.LB.049) cables with Fraunhofer IPA approval for cleanroom class 1. In tests, with a bending radius of 6.6 x d, the Ethernet cables completed over 24 million double-strokes without failure.

In principle, a cleanroom needs to be particle- and germ-free. In reality, the degree depends on the permitted number of microorganisms and particles per cubic metre of air. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), igus has certified 918 of its 1,354 chainflex cables according to cleanroom class 1 and 166 cables according to class 2.

The chainflex cables are designed for movement and, above all, optimised for constant flexing. Highly abrasion-resistant jacket materials ensure that these movements do not produce particles, even over long periods of time. igus is the only supplier worldwide to promise a 36-month guarantee on its complete range of cables, on the basis of in-house laboratory tests.

For companies that manufacture machines and systems for use in cleanrooms, this makes the search for cables much easier. Engineers can search the IPA database for the desired certified component. Here, entries for iglidur bearings, linear guides and chainflex cables with the corresponding reference to the suitable energy chain and cleanroom class can be found. The certificate is also available for download.

“This accelerates the often time-consuming commissioning process for machine builders,” says Justin Leonard, the-chain director, igus. “Strict requirements, validation or even qualification in the highly regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry or semiconductor production are quickly fulfilled by the certified cables.” For more information about IPA certified chainflex cables for cleanroom applications, please visitwww.igus.co.uk/cleanroom or call igus on: 01604 677240