igus offers a 36-month guarantee, or to up to 10 million strokes, with all chainflex cables. For 25 years, the company has been carrying out tests on its cables within its 2,750m2 test laboratory. With 650 tests running simultaneously each day, and over 2 billion test cycles per year, igus can provide reliable and clear test data that makes the durability and service life of its cables predictable.

Each chainflex series has ‘double stroke – guaranteed service life’ information available, as well as additional data online in the chainflex lifetime calculator. The 36-month guarantee is subject to the use of the cables in line with the conditions specified for each relevant cable series.

To see inside the igus test lab and watch cable testing in action, please visit: www.igus.co.uk/chainflexguaranteeVOTW

For more information on igus chainflex cables, please visit: www.igus.co.uk/chainflex and to request free product samples, please contact us on: 01604 677240

Source: https://www.igus.co.uk/
Image soure: Courtesy of igus UK

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