Located in the province of Rhodope, Thrace, northern Greece, the “Mikronoros” wind farm has commenced operations, having been fully energised and connected to the grid.

Iberdrola adds 33.6 MW of new clean capacity to its portfolio with Rokas Renewables in Greece bringing total installed capacity to 315 MW.

The complex consists of eight V150 wind turbines with 4.2 MW unit capacity, a hub height of 105 m and a rotor diameter of 150 m.

Works at “Mikronoros” began in 2021 but ceased during March up to July due to environmental restrictions and in August due to fire risk, and then the project’s schedule was affected by the particularly adverse winter in this area bordering Bulgaria.

Construction of the wind farm and access roads was carried out by Greek company Faraday. Engineering company HITACHI (former ABB) was responsible for the civil works and electromechanical assembly tasks at the existing “Patriarchis” substation, which was totally renovated, and an outdoor gas-insulated system (GIS) replaced the existing AIS infrastructure for connection to the 150kV grid, owned by the transmission grid operator (IPTO).

It is worth mentioning that the project contributed to the enhancement of the Greek Power Transmission network communications infrastructure by means of fibre optics installation at the transmission line and new equipment in the adjacent substations.

Source: https://www.iberdrola.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Iberdrola

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