At DesignCon 2016 in Santa Clara, California, leading manufacturer of Global connectivity solutions, HUBER + SUHNER, will unveil innovative new additions to their radio frequency test assemblies and multicoax connector catalogues.

The new VNA (vector network analyser) test lead series Sucotest 500V join the existing portfolio of assemblies including SUCOFLEX 100, Sucotest 18/18A and Sucotest 26/40, globally recognised as offering superior test measurement capabilities and elite quality of radio frequency Transmission.

The new Sucotest 500V series exceeds current industry standards for vector network analyzers (VNAs). Qualities include rugged design and temperature and movement stability, the accuracy of measurements guaranteed is second to none, alongside constant electrical performance and consistent quality.

Improved system reliability, longer service life and reduced equipment downtime are just some of the qualities that the durability of HUBER+SUHNER assemblies can bring to radio frequency testing environments. Market-leading stability for precise and repeatable measurements is assured with Sucotest 500V’s VNA test leads.

Key benefits brought to test and measurement environments are ruggedized cable construction and Network Measurement Division (NMD) style connectors that withstand repetitive mating, flexure, crushing, twisting and bending whilst simultaneously reducing equipment downtime due to the increased frequency of intervals between calibrations.

Additionally, the 80 GHz coaxial to printed circuit board (PCB) all-in-one solution will be presented at DesignCon. The unique solution features superb electrical performance alongside an easy to handle snap connection mechanism to the PCB.

The solution permits high-end measurement setups for both high speed digital and radio frequency testing. The PCB side of the solution is comprised of field-tested standard micro miniature print connector (MMPX) snap connectors coupled with a MMPX male to PC 1.0 female adaptor. The link between the adaptor and test equipment is made possible with a HUBER+SUHNER Astrolab 1mm male-to-male cable assembly.

The all-in-one solution offers broadband characteristics from DC to 80 GHz, easy handling and high-speed digital testing for test and measurement, customer experience management and users.

HUBER+SUHNER will be exhibiting its new test measurement solutions for radio frequency at booth 848, DesignCon 2016, Santa Clara Convention Centre, California, 20-21 January.

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