InnoVites B.V. announces that Hitachi Cable America (HCA-NH) is completing the roll-out of CableSuite as their innovative IT platform. With the implementation of CableERP, based on Microsoft Dynamics, HCA-NH will benefit from an industry-specific solution on a world-class ERP platform.

After evaluating multiple options, HCA-NH has decided that CableERP with Microsoft Dynamics will be the best platform for achieving its strategic objectives.

The comprehensive, industry-specific features of CableERP in all business domains will help HCA-NH to achieve competitive advantages. CableERP will support HCA-NH to become more responsive to customer requirements and excel in operations.

HCA-NH has been utilising CableBuilder and CableMES with strong success for some time. With the implementation of CableERP, HCA-NH will now use the full CableSuite and leverage the strength of the individual tool components through the out-of-the-box integration between the solutions.

The CableSuite consists of the following (integrated) components:

  • CableERP is the complete ERP solution for wire and cable manufacturers, based on the advanced Microsoft Dynamics D365. It comes with all features that are needed for this specific industry.
  • CableBuilder is the leading cable design software that enhances the processes of engineering, costing and product data maintenance.
  • CableMES is the modern MES application for the cable industry, designed to improve the OEE for the cable factory. It easily integrates with machines and provides operators online information about the status of machines, quality of products and progress of jobs.

Lynne Humenik, President and CEO at Hitachi Cable America Inc., comments: “The implementation of CableERP, provides HCA-NH with a sustainable and innovative IT platform that will strongly support our growth strategy. InnoVites is a trusted partner of HCA-NH, and for several years now it has proven its industry expertise. We are confident that with their support the implementation project will be a success.”

Albert Groothedde, CEO at InnoVites, adds: “We are delighted that our customer Hitachi Cable America Inc’s Performance Cable Systems and Materials Division is completing the roll-out of the CableSuite. We are confident that the CableSuite will create strategic value for HCA-NH. We will continue to work hard to deserve the continued trust of our customer.”

InnoVites is partner of Cimteq, the owner of the CableBuilder and CableMES software.

Image source: Courtesy of InnoVites

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