Duesseldorf, Germany, 4 – 8 April 2016, Booth 10C06

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff, one of the leading manufacturers of machinery engineered for the wire and cable industry, will be exhibiting at its wire 2016 booth (10C06) the following newest generation equipment:

– Rod breakdown machine type MSM 86
– Data cable stranding line ARD 630 D / ALB 600 / DSI 631
– Rotary braiding machine type BMV 16 Z / BZ 380
– Inductive inline annealer type RI 120
– Bunching line D 562 / ARP 630

In a separate booth area, the NIEHOFF Original+ After Sales customer service will be introducing its comprehensive offer and wear parts with the “NIEHOFF Original+“ quality label.

A Co-Exhibitor at the booth will be NIEHOFF partner company H. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB), a world specialists in Lead Extrusion and Cable Stripping equipment from Sweden with a 13 ¼” die block, a screw housing and a part of the main frame from the latest horizontal lead extruder.

Description of the exhibits

MSM 86: Rod wire drawing with highest efficiency and quality
The rod breakdown machine type MSM 86 with individually driven capstans is designed for wires made of copper, copper alloys, aluminium, aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous metals, the maximum production speed is 40 m/s. Because of its modular design, the MSM 86 can be adapted ideally to customer requirements. The machine is intuitive to operate by means of a touchscreen with a network-compatible interface. In comparison with the predecessor model MSM 85 energy savings of up to 10% and in comparison with conventional rod breakdown machines of up to 20% in total are achieved. The electronic control allows operation with minimized slip. This concept together with the optimized wire path, drawing die holders with pressure lubrication and cooling and the fully submerged drawing basin with optimum cooling conditions has finally one result: Wires drawn on an MSM 86 have a high surface quality.

DSI 631: Highly flexible data cable manufacturing at lowest costs
The data cable stranding line consists of a DSI 631 type double-twist stranding machine which is combined with an upstream backtwist pay-off and a longitudinal tape pay-off. The DSI 631 has been designed for the stranding of insulated conductors into pairs and quads and the stranding of four conductor pairs into LAN cables. The machine is able to manufacture reliably LAN cables of all categories – even of future generations – as well as pairs with tape shielding, bus cables and other telecommunications cables. The DSI stranding machines system includes a lot of additional auxiliary equipment, so that customer-specific production lines can be created and rapidly rebuilt depending on the order situation.
Compared with other machines and process technologies, the combination possibilities of this system generate significant financial advantages for the manufacture of certain products or a certain production performance: DSI machines for the stranding of data cables are offering cost savings of up to 50%.

BMV 16 Z: Combined brading and taping
The rotary braiding machine type BMV 16 Z can be used for the processing of bare or coated round or flat wire made of copper, aluminium or stainless steel with single-wire diameters of 0.05 to 0.3 mm, as well as yarns and fibers made of plastic. The machine is ideally suited for the production of data, control and coaxial cables or automobile hybrid cables into which a film must be inserted before and after braiding. Also braids for battery cables, strand braids and the mechanical reinforcement of pressure hoses can be produced. The machine has an integrated central taping device type BZ 380. In this way it is possible to manufacture also products with tapes which must be applied before and after braiding in S or Z direction. The combination of braiding and taping results in space savings, the elimination of rewinding processes and an increased product quality. By means of several control systems, BMV braiding machines can work for a long time unattended and without operator intervention.

RI 120: High energy efficiency, high quality wire properties  
The inductive inline annealer type RI 120 is designed for round, profile and flat wires and can be integrated into rod breakdown lines, wire drawing lines and combined lines. Like all models of the RI series, the RI 120 is ideally suited for wires with a low electrical and thermal conductivity, e.g. wires made of copper alloys, of heating conductor and of resistance alloys based on nickel, nickel chrome and copper nickel. But also wires made of metallic compounds, precious metals and their alloys and also copper wires can be annealed optimally. The RI annealers work on the principle of an excitation voltage transformer with non-contact input of energy. The inductively generated heating and the rapid cooling generate a fine-grained, homogeneous microstructure in the wire giving it excellent further processing and forming properties. The annealing process carried out under an inert protective gas avoids any oxidation of the wire surface. The result of this functional principle: high quality wire properties. As a result of the inductive heating principle, RI annealers achieve an energy efficiency of up to 90 %.

D 562: High precision and spooling quality
The double-twist bunching machine type D 562 is the successor model of the D 561, which is well-established in the market. Features such as the NIEHOFF ECO-Bow rotor bow, the single bow design of the machine, the energy-saving drives and some further details ensure considerable energy savings. The infinitely variable adjustment of the winding tension and control throughout the entire spool filling operation makes it possible to keep the tightest production tolerances. A further feature in matters of precision is the NBAT traversing system (NIEHOFF Bunching Automatic Traverse). Spools which are spooled in this way have a perfect winding pattern, the spooled wire can be payed-off tangle-free and with no damage even at extremely high speeds.

The proven double-twist bunching machines of the D-series incorporate more than 50 years of experience in the design and dealing with bunching machines and are manufactured in seven different sizes in right-hand or left-hand version for strand cross-sections of 0.013 to 95 mm². The D 562 at the booth will be combined with a pintle-type pay-off ARP 630 into a bunching line.

Complete Solutions from a Single Source
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff develops and builds with an experience of more than 60 years all machinery needed for the production of non-ferrous metals wires and the further processing into automotive, data and special cables, with the exception of extruders. In addition, the portfolio contains technical assistance by professional specialists who speak the customers´ languages. The reliable supply with original Niehoff wear parts and spare parts, machinery inspection, refurbishment and maintenance measures as well as machine operator and maintenance training courses complete the range of services. Niehoff Group offers custom-tailored solutions from development and planning to turnkey projects of complete cable factories.

Niehoff Endex North America, Inc. (NENA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Niehoff Group, with manufacturing and engineering capabilities in NJ, USA, is responsible for the sales, supply, and service of the entire Niehoff product range in the USA, Canada & Mexico. NENA was founded in 1999 by the combination of Niehoff of America, Inc. and Endex, the former Bekaert Engineering of North America.

The Group with nearly 800 employees worldwide is comprised of its headquarters, five manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, and China) as well as sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.

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