Hengtong is thrilled to witness the successful mass delivery of the 110kV polypropylene cable, which will be used in an emergency cable replacement project in Shenzhen. Together with the cable manufacturing, Hengtong’s engineering team will support the cable installation on-site. 

Compared with the regular polyethylene-insulated HV power cable of the same voltage, the polypropylene cable uses 100% non-crosslinked polypropylene insulating material, which can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 17% and shorten the production cycle by at least 50%; this insulation material is also more conducive to recycling, thus making it more environmentally friendly. 

This process of polypropylene-insulated cable will be further applied to the submarine cables. Hengtong’s commitment to promoting green transformation through technological innovation will always continue.

Source: http://www.hengtonggroup.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Hengtong

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