HELUKABEL, one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, recently announced that it has received Control and Communication Link (CC-Link) approval for five HELUKAT data cables.

HELUKABEL, which joined the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) in 2014 after submitting its CC-Link BUS Cable, now has received CC-Link IE Field approval for the HELUKAT 200, HELUKAT 500ID, HELUKAT 600, HELUKAT 600IND and the HELUKAT 600S PUR. These cables are suitable for either fixed or continuous-flex applications and vary in data rate ranging from Cat 5e to Cat 7. Some cable types are oil resistant and/or have halogen-free jackets.

CC-Link is a c used in the areas of manufacturing and production machinery, industrial manufacturing cells or process control applications, testing, sensors, and actuators. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the late ‘90s, CC-Link enables industrial network devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate.

More information and a summary of HELUKABEL’s CC-Link and CC-Link IE Field cable portfolio is listed here.