Hellenic Cables, the cables segment of Cenergy Holdings, announces the award of a turnkey contract from 50Hertz, a major European transmission system operator for Ostwind 3, a 220 kV export cable system.

Ostwind 3 will connect a segment of the designated wind farm area Windanker, to the German extra-high voltage transmission grid. With the connection of the wind farm Windanker, a capacity of 300 MW of green energy will be supplied to the German grid, enough to power around 260,000 households.

The scope of the contract includes the design, supply, delivery, storage, installation, jointing, termination, testing, and commissioning of 105 km submarine three-core export cable (220 kV) as well as 13,5 km of onshore export cable (220 kV), 2 km platform cable (220 kV) and 2 km platform cable (66 kV). 

The cables will be produced at Hellenic Cables’ vertically integrated, state-of-the-art submarine cables plant in Corinth, Greece and in its underground high voltage cable manufacturing facility in Thiva, Greece. Highly qualified and experienced personnel combined with compliance with best working practices in both facilities ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services. Production of the cables will be completed by October 2024, and load-out is scheduled to take place in 2025.

Mr. Alexis Alexiou, CEO of Cenergy Holdings and Hellenic Cables, commented: “We at Hellenic Cables are excited to be part of Germany’s energy transition, especially during these challenging times. We stand ready to provide reliable and sustainable products and solutions to our clients, laying the foundations for Europe’s energy transition on a sustainable path.”

Source: https://www.cablel.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Hellenic Cables

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