Hellenic Cables, the cables segment of Cenergy Holdings, was commissioned by IPTO to carry out the electrical interconnection between Zakynthos and Kyllini, Greece, with a total length of 23km.

The “turnkey” project includes the design, manufacturing and supply of 150kV land and submarine high voltage cables as well as the associated accessories; the civil engineering works for the installation of the land cables; the laying and the protection of the submarine cables; the transitions between the land and submarine cables, jointing and terminations at substations which will be built by IPTO, as well as testing and commissioning. 

The electrical interconnection of Kyllini-Zakynthos is an important project in the Ionian Islands, aiming to upgrade the Transmission System in western Greece. This particular connection has been in operation since the early 1980s. Due to its age, the Operator initiated its replacement as a priority. The new, upgraded cable connection will be ready to cover the increased loads of the island as early as the following summer season.

The implementation of the project, including the installation of the cables, is expected to be completed within ten months from the signing of the relevant contract. The cables will be manufactured at Hellenic Cables’ state-of-the-art plant of submarine cables in Corinth and the plant of land cables in Thiva.

Mr. Alexis Alexiou, CEO of Cenergy Holdings and Hellenic Cables, stated: “We work together with IPTO for its vision to achieve electrical sufficiency of our islands, which will support significantly the Greek tourism and provide quality and uninterrupted energy to people living in Greece and visitors around the world.”

Source: https://www.cablel.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Hellenic Cables

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