Heilind Electronics, the largest distributor of interconnect products in North America, has added 3M™ Cable Assembly for PCI Express Extender Cards to its extensive portfolio of high-speed products. These highly routable interconnect solutions meet the demanding system performance and packaging challenges of PCI Express 2.0 and 3.0 systems.

3M incorporated their award winning High-Routability Twin Axial Cable into these assemblies that allow you to re-locate a PCIe card slot, or bridge between slots on two different PCBs. The emergence of thin, foldable, ribbon-style cable assemblies for PCIe applications presents system designers with a high-performing, highly routable alternative.

The cable assemblies can be configured to virtually any orientation within the cable length. They can be bent and folded to maximize space and reduce obstruction to airflow, enabling higher density designs for certain PCIe applications. In response to acute space constraints, cable manufacturers have worked to develop thinner, more routable, high-speed twin axial cables.

Industry standard PCIe peripheral cards can be placed in virtually any orientation within a system chassis. The 3M PCI Express Extender Assemblies can be folded or simply routed to the peripheral card, providing a low loss extension from the motherboard. 3M PCI Express Extender Assemblies are available in PCIe X4, x8 and X16 sizes, utilizing PCIe standard motherboard interfaces. The boards have been designed to minimize trace lengths. The connector PCB, on the Extender Assemblies, have mounting holes, allowing it to be secured within a system.

The 3M PCI Express Applications are presently stocked and currently available for purchase. To view our current inventory or product specifications, click  http://www.heilind.com/products/3m/news/3M_PCI.asp or call (888)-411-3672.