HARTING has added a number of new contacts to the Han-Fast® Lock PCB connector family, giving designers more options for the quick and easy connection of high-current conductors to printed circuit boards.

The Han-Fast® Lock PCB connector is designed to meet the demands posed by high electrical currents while offering simple handling in a compact configuration. It allows a flexible and simple connection to be produced without the need for additional components, with only a single contact point required for the connection. The circuit boards have plated-through holes that provide an excellent support point.

The Han-Fast® Lock product portfolio now includes new angled variants as well as contacts for cross sections of 1.5 mm2 to 10 mm2.

In use, the assembled contact is inserted into the prepared PCB and the mandrel included with the connector is pressed in, locking it to the PCB. The functionality is extremely simple and is similar to a typical pushbutton. This emphasis on productive processing has resulted in the overall costs of PCB manufacture being optimised while equipment costs are reduced.

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