TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, announces its new Ruggedized Optical Backplane interconnect systems that provide a high-density, blind-mate optical interconnect in a backplane/daughtercard configuration. The half-sized connectors are fully compliant to the ANSI/VITA 66.4 standard.

“As the industry expands its use of fiber optic solutions in higher bandwidth applications, TE continues to support the VMEbus Industry Trade Association (VITA) in the rugged embedding computing market,” said Rod Smith, global product line manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE Connectivity. “The VITA 66.4 platform is the latest innovation to enable fiber optic solutions for harsh environments.”

The new fiber optic ribbon cable interconnect feeds through the backplane to removable system modules using MT ferrules. The VITA 66.1 modules are full width and accommodate two MT ferrules, and the VITA 66.4 modules are half width and hold a single MT ferrule. Two VITE 66.4 modules can fit into the same space as a VITA 66.1 module.

Designed for rugged embedded computing applications, the optical modules are compatible with VPX and other high-performance standards. The protective cover is made of anti-static material, and the connector mounting screws contain a pre-applied anti-vibration material to help withstand vibration. The modules have an operating temperature range of minus 20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius and can withstand 100 cycles, as tested per EIA-455-21.