The NEK 606 RFOU certificate is an important key in Habia Cable´s ambition to become an important cable supplier to the offshore industry. The qualification process has been ongoing for about two years. The standards which must be fulfilled are extensive and include massive tests, prototype manufacturing and documentation. We have managed to get our product verified to -60o Celsius. Habia Cable has invested extensively in the offshore segment, both concerning NEK 606 installation cable as well as in medium voltage high temperature cables.

We are very pleased that our focused work now has resulted in a certificate that proves that we can provide a comprehensive range of cables to the offshore industry. Our products can to a large extent be customized to every customer´s individual needs, says Kent Lundström, Director for the offshore segment at Habia Cable.

The BFOU standard comes next
Habia Cable´s efforts towards the offshore market continue and the next step is the certification to the BFOU standard. The BFOU certification is expected to be approved at the end of this year.